‘RPM Serie’ is a collection of bowls and trays which were made by rotating different materials in their liquid form at different rotational speeds. Depending on the material it take from five minutes up to three days for the shape to become solid.

The natural parabolic curvature of the objects is dictated by the material used and the number of revolutions per minute (RPMs) to which it is subjected.

Inspired by laboratory experiments, this project is part of a larger study into self generated shapes. In many designs, the designer is the one who dictates the shape. Here, the idea was to translate a physical phenomenon into a controlled process in order to created objects with a design almost void of human intervention. This is an attempt at reaching a design that is as objective as possible.  


RPM Serie is one of my graduation project at the Design Academy Eindhoven.

Photography by Edouard Auffray.

Last picture is by Lisa Klapp.